The Basic Instructions in Screen Printing

In order to prevent inks from seeping between the mesh and wood of the frame, creating a seal by taping the inside of the screen or on the frame over the point where wood is connected to the mesh. The ink will be contaminated if this is not properly executed. The outside up to the definite print area should be taped as well. Cleaning the screen and discarding the tape should be made every end of the print in order to prevent contamination. These actions should be applied in every screen printing process.

In screen printing using a blank screen, pouring a line of ink across the screen at one end is the first thing to do. With the help of the squeegee, spread the color across the screen is more effective. By means of the squeegee handle angle and pull the squeegee towards the holder on the “first pull” and angled it away before pushing it on the “second pull”. This will spread the colors more evenly across the screen.


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